About the Company

Founded in 1965 on the initiative of the founder Vincenzo Barnini, the company Barnini srl has established itself quickly as a sure point of reference for the design and construction of spray systems for leather finishing. For the company, invest in research and development forms are the basis for improving the competitiveness of products, by offering flexible solutions according to their needs and optimize the performance of the processes of the leather with innovative technologies.
The production department focuses on the development of automatic systems for spray-finishing of hides, hand painting booths, ovens rods, cabins for weighing chemicals, central vacuum systems and laboratory board. A range of articles, which, thanks to the merger with the Mostardini, has expanded with the production of machines for embossing and ironing the leather.

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What we mainly deal in?

Rotary spray booth

The objective that brought Barnini to develop this automatic rotating paint spray booth was to provide a cutting edged product with innovative technological solutions combined with an extremely interesting quality-price ratio.
The production of automatic rotating paint spray booths is structured on: 11 models with the possibility of installing up to 16 spray gun arms and 48 spray guns per booth.
This product's most important innovation is the system for the introduction and pressurisation of air in the booth.

- Structure made entirely of stainless steel
- Large glassed window areas for ease of monitoring the spray process
- Internal structures, splattered by the spray aerosol, are constantly kept washed through recirculating water veils
- Internal surface cleaning and maintenance times are greatly reduced. For ordinary maintenance of the structure's internal surfaces a high pressure water jet is sufficient in that the booth is completely sealed
- High productivity yield with painted product transport efficiency
- Optimisation of the operational phase with reduction of overspray
- Reduced pollutant load
- Rotation group characterised by mechanics of simple conception and tested experience
- Ease of  access for any type of adjustment
- Reduced maintenance times
- Excellent distribution of drawn air
- Set up for the installation of any model or make of paint spray economiser.